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Onergo Solutions provides eco-friendly and biodegradable products, such as eco tableware & catering supplies, bamboo cocktail glasses & serving ideas for street food, vegan and comfort food in hotels, restaurants and bars. Moreover, we offer high quality equipment with modern design and functionality for gastronomy, hospitality and industry.

in Onergo Solutions, we believe that elegant, attractive and most of all, a safe environment motivates those working in and enhances the first critical positive impression of the customers and guests. Let us not neglect the essential details that make the difference.

Our priority is the high quality of the products we provide but at the same time the modern design and functionality. The Brands we represent are carefully selected to serve these goals.

Info presentation is our expertise. We have solutions for every industry, from hotels and restaurants to frond and back offices, retail shops, or manufacturing. Self-adhesive frames, floor and table info stands, chalkboards at different shapes and sizes, menus, signs, tags are products that will meet your unique needs for visual presentation.

With the emphasis on aesthetics and respect for nature, we also provide eco friendly bio products 100% natural! Unique handmade bamboo bar accessories and palm leaf tableware are just a few of our products that will take Comfort and Street food gastronomy to the next level.

Moreover, save time and eliminate errors by organizing your warehouse. We offer solutions for labeling for every industry. Signs, floor markings, display panels, badges and even more products can make your work life easier but also safer.

We are looking forward to meeting you and discussing with you the unique needs of your business. Contact us to find a suitable solution for you.

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